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Father's Day Around The World

  • Father's Day in Australia:

    As with the other parts of the world, in Australia Fathers Day is celebrated to bestow the love and care by the children to their fathers. Though it is not a public holiday, still children find time to visit their father on this day making it a private affair.


  • Father's Day in the United Kingdom:

    Father's Day is celebrated all over the United Kingdom with pomp and grandeur. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and the day is special just not for fathers but also the father figures like grandpas, father-in-laws. People gift their fathers with expensive items and treating them in lavish restaurants. Many social communities organize small get together. Chocolates and greeting cards are the most popular gift items.


  • Father's Day in the United States of America:

    In USA Father's Day got the official acceptance to celebrate the togetherness of fathers with their children. As per the scholars, the President of Chicago branch of Lions Club Harry Meek started the observance of Fathers Day. On this day people bestow their fathers with gifts and treats making them feel special and loved.